Spomer Classics


East of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, right off Interstate 90, is the small town of Worthington, Minnesota, the home of Spomer Classics. We happened to be passing through on a Sunday morning this past spring, and while they have no set hours of operation (“open by appointment or chance”), an email and a quick phone call was all it took for owner Marv to allow us to peek at the collection.

Walking in, we could already tell that this would be a special collection. Automobilia signage lined the ceiling and walls, and laid out neatly is a great collection of all original General Motors vehicles.

Marv explained that he had been a dealer for years, and had sold many of the cars when they were new, and he was lucky enough to buy them back for the collection. In addition, he and his wife expanded the collection to include a staggering amount neon.


Home to several Chevys, Cadillacs, and some amazing Pontiacs, it is definitely a collection that is worth spending some time checking out.